Kakemasse!!PDF4/Tettei Kakeru!PDF5

Kakemasse!!PDF4/Tettei Kakeru!PDF5

## The sale end ##
There is no (form fields) field you can enter, for there were only PDF forms to print by hand, is a software that enables PC input processing. Not only can the character, input is also of the shape.
There is the Standard Edition and Professional Edition with features that capture scanner.
Features and automatic adjustment of font size compared to the previous version Kakemasse!!PDF3, put the characters in the text box exactly, simultaneous display of multiple documents, text input box of the paper frame captured by the scanner entry, select & copy the text on the PDF have been added, and various other enhancements.
Antenna House of the developer, "Kakemasse!! PDF4" from Inc. Has been released in the name JUNGLE, of "Tettei Kakeru! PDF5" from Inc..

Homepage of a maker and the product guidance

## The sale end ##

System requirements

OS : Windows 2000(SP3)/XP(SP3)/Vista(SP1)/7
RAM : 512MB or more
Available hard-disk space : 70MB or more

Sales price

Kakemasse!!PDF4 ProfessionalPlus
Boxed edition 23,940 Yen
Download edition 20,580 Yen
Kakemasse!!PDF4 Professional
Boxed edition 13,440 Yen
Download edition 9,980 Yen
Kakemasse!!PDF4 Standard
Boxed edition 7,980 Yen
Download edition 5,250 Yen
Tettei Kakeru!PDF5 Professional 14,490 Yen
Tettei Kakeru!PDF5 8,190 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version