PDF Life Ultimate

What is PDF Life Ultimate

Create PDF, Add annotations, direct editing of text and images within the PDF, and even with a very feature-rich, such as inverse transform to the WORD from PDF, is a software processing / creating PDF.
Consists of PDF Life Tools Ultimate for PDF creation and binding, viewing of PDF, print, edit, security, storage, PDF Life Reader Ultimate for search, and PDF Life OCR to convert Office documents and images from PDF.
Developer is Nuance Comunications.

Sales company and product information page

Sales company : BB Softservice Corporation

Product guidance :Page of PDF Life Ultimate of BB Softservice Corporation

System requirements

OS : Windows XP(SP3)/Vista(SP2)/7
Available hard-disk space : 550MB

Sales price

Regular Edition : 12,800 Yen
Special offers edition : 8,980Yen

Major functions

Trial Version