e.Typist v.13.0

What is e.Typist v.13.0

This software is a document for PDF files, that are embedded as images rather than character data, you have the ability to process image recognition, and convert to Exdel or Word, the conversion to PDF files with transparent text.
Can be recognized not only in Japanese and English, although it may be contained within the same document in German, and French, languages ??support a total of 58 country.
Has been narrowed down to only available in Japanese and English, also low-cost version of e.Typist NEO.

Homepage of a maker and the product guidance

Maker :Media Drive Corporation

Product guidance :Page of e.Typist v.13.0 of Media Drive Corporation

System requirements

OS : Windows XP(SP3 or later)/Vista/7
RAM : 512MB or more(XP)/1GB or more(Vista/7)
Available hard-disk space : 250MB or more
Display : 1,024x768 or higher
Others : InternetExplorer 6.0 or later

Sales price

e.Typist Boxed edition : 20,790 Yen
Download edition : 13,440 Yen
Upgrade boxed edition : 6,825 Yen
Upgrade download edition : 4,515 Yen
e.Typist NEO Boxed edition : 12,800 Yen
Download edition : 9,800 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version

Exist --> See the page of e.Typist v.13.0 trial version of Media Drive Corporation