What is VectorMaster

This software has the ability to convert to CAD data that has been converted PDF.
As CAD data, in addition to (DXF files). It also supports (JWW file) JW_CAD AutoCAD.
There is a Lite version and Pro version with only a simple inverse transform, graphic editing capabilities.
If the Pro version, if you ask ScanWaveLite work with the optional, it is also possible to convert a PDF file (raster data) also image data.

Homepage of a maker and the product guidance

Maker : Systems Nakashima Co.,Ltd.

Product guidance :Page of VectorMaster of Systems Nakashima Co.,Ltd.

System requirements

OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
RAM : 512MB or more
Available hard-disk space : 500MB or more
Display : 1,024x768 or higher

Sales price

VectorMaster Lite : 29,400 Yen
VectorMaster Pro : 102,900 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version

None --> See the page of free trial service