Syunkan PDF to Image

What is Syunkan PDF to Image

It is the software with the function to convert PDF data into a picture file.
Simply drag and drop a PDF file, you can convert JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF,etc. the image in various formats.
You can use WORD or EXCEL or paste in the contents of the PDF, such as thumbnail display on the home page.

Maker and product information page

Maker :Antenna House, Inc.

Product guidance :Page of Syunkan PDF to Image of Antenna House, Inc.

System requirements

OS : Windows 2000(SP4)/XP(SP2)/Vista(SP1)/7
Memory : 512MB or more
Available hard-disk space : 55MB or more

Sales price

Download sales : 2,480 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version

None --> See conversion sample