Honyaku Studio LE 2010

What is Honyaku Studio LE 2010

Is a Japanese-English translation software, English-Japanese translation of PDF files is possible.
The basic dictionary word 2860000, 2350000 dictionary jargon is the word.
There is also a plus version with an English-Japanese dictionary and OCR software.
For previous versions, and enhanced translation dictionary words, translation tool improvements have been achieved.

Maker and product information page

Maker :Cross Language Inc.

Product guidance :Page of Honyaku Studio LE 2010 of Cross Language Inc.

System requirements

OS : Windows XP(SP2)/Vista/7
RAM : 256MB or more(XP), 512MB or more(Vista/7)
Available hard-disk space : LE 2009 : about 1.4GB
LE 2009 plus : about 1.7GB
Display : 1,024x768 or higher

Sales price

LE 2009 : 17,640 Yen
Preferential treatment version : 13,440 Yen
Academic Edition : 10,290 Yen
LE 2009 plus : 26,040 Yen
Preferential treatment version : 20,790 Yen
Academic Edition : 15,540 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version