Korya Eiwa! Ippatsu Honyaku 2010 for Win

What is Korya Eiwa! Ippatsu Honyaku 2010 for Win

## The sale end ##
Is a Japanese-English translation software, English-Japanese translation of PDF documents is possible.
Can also be cooperation with the Ichitaro Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, have a language translation dictionary of 4,840,000.

Maker and product information page

## The sale end ##

System requirements

OS : Windows XP(SP2 or later)/Vista
RAM : 256MB or more(XP), 512MB or more(Vista)
Available hard-disk space : 620MB or more
Others : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1
Internet Explorer 6.0(SP2)

Sales price

USB memory edition : 8,337 Yen
Download edition : 7,056 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version