What is ATLAS V14

Is a Japanese-English translation software, English-Japanese translation of PDF documents is possible.
If the environment has been installed Adobe Acrobat, you can also display the results in Adobe Acrobat translation of the original layout remains.
Can also be cooperation with the OASYS and Microsoft Office, 2.86 million words translated in the Standard Edition, with the super pack will have a translation dictionary translation of 8,430,000.
For previous versions, enhanced translation dictionary words, and improve translation accuracy, the various improvements have been achieved.

Maker and product information page

Maker :FUJITSU Ltd.

Product guidance :Page of ATLAS of FUJITSU Ltd.

System requirements

OS : Windows 2000(SP4 or later)/XP(SP2 or later)/Vista/7
RAM : 256MB or more(2000/XP), 512MB or more(Vista), 1GB or more(7)
Available hard-disk space : 600MB or more Display : 1,024x768 or higher

Sales price

Super Pack Edition : 134,400 Yen
Standard Edition : 92,400 Yen
Medicine Edition : 186,900 Yen

Major functions

Trial Version

Exist --> See the page of ATLAS trial version of FUJITSU MIDDLEWARE