By YAMATO Printing Co.,Ltd., scan & PDF books mosquito is a service agency.
From 100 yen a book, that is characterized by low price.
Sends a book which you are currently owned by, or receive data online turned into PDF, DVD-R received by mail is possible. If the data is to extend to several tens of GB, at Senpo judgment, is like, which may be delivered in the form of rental HDD.
In addition, when it cut the book to the scanning process, if you want to keep in the form of a book can not be used.

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Service providers : YAMATO Printing Co.,Ltd.

Service information : Page of BOOKSCAN

Service Price

Scanning work : 100 Yen/book (Up to page 350, add 100 yen for every Add 200 pages later)
OCR work : 100 Yen/book
DVD-R delivered : 3,000 Yen(Including shipping)