What is ReBorn

Around by the Corporation, is a service agency over book scan & PDF.
Guarantees the delivery time by controlling the number of orders per day, it is divided into rank number one book price from 100 yen depending on the length of delivery time that is characterized by.
In addition, members of the Internet page, you can also check the progress of the work.
Sends a book which you are currently held, in addition to online receipt, if delivery can also wait for the receipt mailed CD-ROM, DVD, USB due to the data turned into PDF.
In addition, when it cut the book to the scanning process, if you want to keep in the form of a book can not be used.

Page of information services companies and service providers

Service providers : Around Corp.

Service information : Page of ReBorn

Service Price

Scanning work :
(General member) books / 100 yen (20 business days delivery to 40), books / yen 240 (5 business days delivery), books / 360 yen (delivered 72 hours), books / 480 yen (delivered 24 hours) or less (A4 , up to page 500
(Gold member : 1,800 yen/month fee) books / 150 yen (5 business days delivery)