What is Scanners77

According to the Reliance Partner, is a service agency over book scan & PDF.
Hailed as "cheap Japan" on the homepage is characterized by the low price of 77 yen a book.
Reduce unit orders for 10 books, do not perform services such as file name changes and OCR processing, advertising costs, books, etc. by cutting their waste is not to return to the customer, is like to achieve a low price.
Sends a book which you are currently owned, you will receive a mailing CD-R/DVD-R the data turned into PDF.
In addition, when it cut the book to the scanning process, if you want to keep in the form of a book can not be used.

Page of information services companies and service providers

Service providers : Reliance Partner Corp.

Service information : Page of Scanners77

Service Price

Scanning work : 77 yen/book (Orders Unit 10 books (several books end are calculated rounded up), less than A4 size)
OCR work : None
CD-R/DVD-R delivered : free