What is ScanBridge

According to the Portalcare Eye, is a service agency over book scan & PDF.
Such as free scan color format can be selected, to cover part of the sleeve is characterized.
There is no extra fee, such as by the number of pages, and then to two types of fee structure simple kind of general books and magazines.
For customers to have a scanner yourself, it also provides services only to do the cutting of the book.
Sends a book which you are currently owned, you will receive online, the data turned into PDF.
In addition, the return of the books you have to cut when the scanning process is not done.

Page of information services companies and service providers

Service providers : Portalcare Eye Corp.

Service information : Page of ScanBridge

Service Price

Scanning work : General books : 170 yen/book, Magazines: 200 yen/book (less than size A3)
OCR work : 100 Yen/book
DVD-R delivered : None