Denshika dot com

What is Denshika dot com

According to the Denshika dot com, is a service agency over book scan & PDF.
Optionally, the day of delivery, such as the delivery is also possible within 24 hours.
For customers to have a scanner yourself, it also provides services only to do the cutting of the book.
Sends a book which you are currently owned by, or receive data online turned into PDF, DVD-R received by mail is possible.
In addition, when it cut the book to the scanning process, if you want to keep in the form of a book can not be used.

Page of information services companies and service providers

Service providers : Denshika dot com Corp.

Service information : Page of Denshika dot com

Service Price

Scanning work : 150 Yen/book (Up to page 350), 250 Yen/book (Up to page 600), 300 yen/book (Up to page 800)
OCR work : 100 Yen/book
DVD-R delivered : 1,000 Yen/every