KDprint Combert

What is KDprint Combert

Data converted to PDF and DXF data, is a software command line format.
You can even perform the conversion with automatic monitoring of the folder specified in conjunction with KDauto_trans of options, do a batch conversion of multiple files in a subfolder hierarchy in combination with KDCONV_DIR of options as well.
Command line format and are also provided separately from data conversion software integrated with AutoCAD, over here is possible in PDF conversion accuracy higher.

Homepage of a maker and the product guidance

Maker :Kernel Computer Systems Corp.

Product guidance :Page of KDprint Combert of Kernel Computer Systems Corp.

System requirements

OS:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Others : Adobe Acrobat

Sales price

Command line Edition (DXFTOPST) : 200,000 Yen
Convert with AutoCAD Edition (ACDTOPST) : 350,000 Yen

Trial Version

Exist --> See the page of Verification of software