PDF conversion and Adobe Acrobat

By using the software "Adobe Acrobat" Adobe Systems Inc. Are selling, you can convert it to PDF file, the document was created with the Application EXCEL or WORD, and various other.
When you convert to PDF, other than that keep up a front of as intended, password protection for view / print is a function of the PDF, compressed file size, you can receive various benefits such as bookmark function.
Software "adobe reader" viewing PDF Adobe Systems Inc has been published at no charge also.: For (formerly Acrobat Reader) are widely used, even if it is not the same as the sender PC environment, ensure that the person passing the file it is possible to get to browse.
Convert to PDF, you should use the Adobe Acrobat does not have to.
You can choose according to your preferences and personal applications and software from various manufacturers, it has been provided conversion software free of charge / fee.
I think some software, they may get bad quality of the PDF files that have been converted, does not have the required functionality, and should be chosen with care, however.
It provides an introduction to free software and commercial-free software in a variety of this website, please try to find something that suits you try different colors.