The advantage of conversion from WORD

Word from Microsoft is so word-processing software, such as viewing the entire document is available only in page-turn and mixed paper size in a file, pass the electronic document as appearance that the author intended ", which is the main purpose of PDF feature called "are ready itself above a certain level Word.
PDF files must be converted to purposely so as not to feel anything.
To say that Word, but there are various versions.
By the condition, such as 2010 Word of the latest version from (Word XP) Word is said that now Word 97 and Word 95, and has been used most in the business of the Company that are no longer used very often 2000, Word 2002, in this order: making it upward compatible. Word 2010 document user, the user can read Word 2000 and therefore does not necessarily.
Moreover, Word is the only paid software, and "Please purchase your own Word" If the person you send the document, Word does not have a will hard to say.
Once you have converted to a PDF file, you can have a look to anyone using the free browsing software. It is also useful to enhance the security of the document.