The advantage of conversion from EXCEL

Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet software because it is, has been used in numerical processing and sales statistics and technologies, a variety of fields. At the same time, the table or in a single file with it Or save the source data for a chart, for convenience, is often used instead of like a word processor features such as can be reduced / enlarged to fit like paper size when printing.
Remove the complex formula avoiding that is to be converted into a PDF file, not read me only a few minutes a sheet that appears when you are not familiar with Excel opens the file, contained within the Excel worksheet and so forth reduce, the effectiveness in various file Te capacity.
As I mentioned in the section on Word, Excel 95, Excel 97, Excel 2000 to Excel, There are many versions of Metropolitan Excel2010 (Excel XP), from Excel 2003 Excel 2002, you may not read correctly in the different versions. Prior to that case, it is soft for a fee, send the document, the other I have not bought a Excel can not read.
Once you have converted to a PDF file, you can have a look to anyone using the free browsing software. It is also useful to enhance the security of the document.