The advantage of conversion from a scanner

Such as the inability to simultaneously view and to be a drawback of the materials for paper, a wide place, deterioration, it is difficult to search, and more than one person, can be improved by digitization.
How to digitize paper documents, there will also be taken with a digital camera that captures using the scanner, then say over PDF would be common. In business, because the main use of scanner and is a PDF of paper documents, scanner that specializes in this product have been sold in particular.
If you think a character search, and they lend PDF as an image captured by the scanner, because it does not contain the character information there, the computer can not search. As a solution, you will need to add keywords of each document such as when handling PDF, very tedious.
Scanner products for business applications, it may also make (OCR) image processing character recognition scanner to capture images, characters embedded transparency when mosquito PDF, text search to achieve.
For those who already own a scanner, and that nothing is to create a PDF file from the OCR to image processing, there are also sold in stand-alone software.
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