To print a PDF file, opens in a soft target for viewing PDF files, you only need to perform the function "print" of browsing software.
Because it contains information such as the size of paper in PDF file itself, you can print a user-specified paper size is, of course, can also be printed in paper size when you create PDF files.
If you want to save paper, you can aggregate and to print four pages per sheet, such as in the PDF, multiple pages on one sheet of paper, or you can also print only the specified page.
If the PDF file that you are forbidden to print in the security settings, but can use the "print" of browsing software, but can not be printed.
Failure occurs between the printer / printer driver and PDF files, you may not be able to print to being able to browse in normal conditions, or poor results when printed.
In that case, click in the dialog that appears when you print the "Advanced" button, You may be able to print well and keep checking the "Print as Image".