Xelo PDF 2

What is Xelo PDF 2

  • Company Xelo "xelo" Greek equivalent to "know" of English is derived from the company. Is like Xelo PDF has become so soft that convert PDF's Xelo.
    Company Xelo is a company that develops business-related PDF, should be free software to create simple as well as browsing software for the opportunity of the current market "PDF is becoming more active, spread at once to the foot of the market PDF is PDF conversion software that offers free to download and thinking "is.
    "Xelo PDF" is a simple PDF creation software is free software, such as "Xelo ePware" "Xelo PDF OCR" "Xelo PDFTools" the others are paid software.

    System requirements

    OS : Windows 2000 Professional(SP4 or later) / XP(SP1 or later)

    How to download

    1. Go to the homepage of Xelo PDF.
    2. When you click the ad or around "Xelo PDF 2" at the top of the screen, the menu on the left side of the screen will be displayed.
    3. When you click the "Download" in the menu on the left, the link where you downloaded the Du Vector, Seesaa, the window will be displayed.
    4. Choose what you like from among the three, you can download by following the instructions at each site.

    How to install

    1. Displays a screen at the time of download, a menu such as "download" on the left side, click the "User Registration" from the menu on the left, and then register it by entering your name and age, gender, etc..
    2. E-mail content that you enter during registration and serial number from the company you will receive Xelo was written.
    3. Run the setup in the decompress the downloaded file was unzipped.
    4. Introduction screen is displayed, click the "Install Kusero PDF", ready for installation will start.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.
    6. The middle, there will be a question of the necessity to install "JWord plug-in", it will be installed if you think it convenient as it is Susumere JWord, installed if you uncheck "Install the JWord" it seems unnecessary are not. There is no problem either with or without installation.
    7. Select to check the terms and conditions of the license agreement, "I accept the terms of the license agreement", then continue.
    8. Enter (not can be left blank) (such as the name of your own) user name, company name, the serial number obtained in the register, then continue.
    9. Installation (usually does not matter as it is), and then proceed to change it if necessary.
    10. Click the "Install" because this is installed are ready to begin the installation.
    11. When the installation is stopped once the digital signature is displayed and the effect was not found during installation, and continue the installation by clicking the "(Y) Yes."
    12. The installation is complete and wait for a while.


    • WebInternet browser ad is displayed on the degree of conversion to PDF
    • Must be connected to the network when the PDF conversion
    • Each user to register a user, must be entered during the installation

    How to use

    1. Select the "Xelo PDF" printer in the menu instead of "print" of the application.
    2. Sets the PDF during the conversion, if necessary, click the "Properties" after selection.
    3. When you start to print, as soon as they are displayed in the Internet browser is Internet advertising's Xelo, diamond log the name of the converted PDF file will be displayed.
    4. Once you to specify the name of PDF file, PDF file is generated.


    • Paper size(US Letter/US legal/Tabloid/Screen/A4/A3/B4/B5/custom)
    • Resolution72/150/300/600dpi)
    • Quality of the image on a page (Low/Middle/High)
    • Embedding font setting
    • Specify the destination folder
    • Is PDF opened by PDF reader after creation or not
    • Encryption setting(40/128bit)
    • Restrict printing, changes, copying, commenting
    • Description(title, author, subject, and keywords)