Tsubasa Output PDF Virtual Printer

What is Tsubasa Output PDF Virtual Printer

The free PDF conversion software developed by JampBuck.7.PDF and Tsubasa System, is released with charge-free.
Although it is a name of Tsubasa PDF Print and had downloaded at various websites before, it is public presentation of only one site now.
Because it is a Japanese version of Primo PDF, PDF display / printing software of artofcode,LLC called Ghostscript and the agency software between the printer port of Ghostgum Software Pty and Ghostscript called Redmon is used as well as English-language edition Primo PDF.
At the website of this software, the Japanese patch of Primo PDF can also be free and can be downloaded.

System requirements

OS : OS with WindowsXP and reciprocity other than WindowsME
Disk Space : 100MB
Others : Single User Mode

How to download

  1. Go to website of Tsubasa Output PDF Virtual Printer.
  2. "Download" on the right of Tsubasa-TS 330J in "a product list" near middle of the screen is clicked and downloaded.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is extracted.
  2. An executable file in extracted files is double-clicked and executeed.
  3. "Next" is clicked on the screen of a Welcome message.
  4. Upper "I agree to ..." is chosen between two lines under a big text box, and "Next" is clicked on the screen of a license agreement.
  5. On a Customer Information screen, after inputting the User Name column and the Company Name column, "Next" is clicked.
    Since "Next" does not become effective unless it inputs both, in individual use, "*" etc. is inputted instead of a company name, for example.
  6. "Install" is clicked on the screen of Ready to Install screen.
  7. Since installation starts, it waits for a while.
  8. An end confirmation screen is displayed. "No" is clicked when there is "No" selection. And "Finish" is clicked when there is only "Finish" selection.
  9. Then, since the translation-into-Japanese start screen of PrimoPDF is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  10. "Next" is clicked on the installation folder appointed screen.
  11. "Next" is clicked on the screen of a ready to install message.
  12. After a while, "OK" is clicked on the message of "normal end."
  13. The PC is rebooted and it is the end of installation.


How to use

  1. "PrimoPDF" is chosen and printed instead of a printer with Print menu of application.
  2. If needed, Properties is clicked and a setup at the time of PDF conversion is performed.
  3. The window of TSUBASA PDF PRINT opens.
  4. "Printing" is clicked after performing selection of quality, and specification of a PDF file preservation place.

*) When the error of "DLL Invalid" is displayed and a PDF file is not created, please delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AFPL Ghostscript\8.50 by a registry editor. This phenomenon may occur, after uninstalling PrimoPDF v2.