What is Pdf995

The free PDF conversion software developed by Software995 in U.S. which is developing the business about PDF, retouch photographs, index search engine, backup, FTP, etc, is released with charge-free.
Although PDF conversion is possible at least for Pdf995, it will become highly efficient if it is made 3 sets "pdf995 suite" which also united security setting software Signature995 and option setting software PdfEdit995 of Pdf995.
It seems that Ghostscript is used inside software.
The sponsor advertisement by which a view as popup is carried out as every use can stop, if the key of licensing is purchased.
According to the homepage of Software995, there is a track record which 180,000 users registered in vehicle maker Ford, and it seems that IBM and NATO also have a registration track record although the number of users is unknown.

System requirements

OS : Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
InternetExplorer 6 or later (for Signature995)

How to download

  1. Go to website of Pdf995.
  2. "Downloads" is clicked from the menu of the screen top.
  3. Next, in the column of "PDF995 2-Step Download" on the right-hand side of a screen, "Download" is in each of Pdf995 Printer Driver and Free Converter. Each is clicked and two are downloaded.
  4. PdfEdit995 and Signature995 under the column of "Pdf995 2-Step Download" are downloaded further to change a setup of pdf995.

How to install

  1. Downloaded Pdf995 Printer Driver is double-clicked and executeed.
  2. Since the splash screen of Pdf995 is displayed, please click the suitable location of the splash screen.
  3. After a while, since the message "In order to ..." is displayed, NO is clicked.
  4. Downloaded Free Converter is double-clicked and executed.
  5. Since it is displayed that Pdf995 uses Free Converter, Accept is clicked.
  6. A web browser starts, product guidance of software995 is displayed and installation of pdf995 is completion.
  7. Since pdfEdit995 and Signature995 also need to be installed succeedingly to change a setup of pdf995, each downloaded file is double-clicked and performed. To change a setup of pdf995, pdfEdit995 and Signature995 also need to be installed. Each downloaded file is double-clicked and executed.


How to use

  1. "PDF995" is chosen instead of a printer with Print menu of application.
  2. If needed, Properties is clicked after selection, a property screen is displayed, Advanced in it is clicked, and a setup at the time of PDF conversion is performed.
  3. A start of printing will display the dialog of the PDF file name after conversion.
  4. If a setup of a PDF file name is completed, it will be displayed while the advertisement of software995 is for a while, and a PDF file will be created.
    In addition, the progress bar under an advertising display does not necessarily show PDF generation progress, and expresses advertising display time. If "Continue using the sponsered version" is clicked between two buttons under an advertisement, an advertisement will disappear early a little.


  1. pdfEdit995 is started from the start menu of Windows.
  2. Since the same advertisement as the time of PDF generation is displayed, "Continue using the sponsered version" is clicked between two buttons under an advertisement.
  3. If it waits for a while, a progress bar will go to a right end and pdfEdit995 will start.
  4. Combine/Extrace, Rotate, Autolaunch, Auto-Name, Page Size, Web View, etc. are set up if needed.
    Depending on a menu, not a setup but the PDF file of pdf995 may be corrected.