PDFCreator (pdfforge)

What is PDFCreator

The PDF conversion software developed by Mr. Philip Chinery and Mr. Frank Heindorfer as an open source project, is released with charge-free. Although it is free, contribution is welcoming.
Although using GhostScript inside, two kinds, the thing using the AFPL version of GhostScript and the thing using the GPL version, are offered.
Since developed under an open source project, not only an installation file but the source list is exhibited, and a user can also add improvement uniquely.
In addition, although Mr. Ghosthunger's PDF Creator and name are the same, it seems that it is unrelated.

System requirements

OS : Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

How to download

  1. Go to the webpage of pdfforge.
  2. PDFCreator in Main Menu on the left-hand side of a screen is clicked.
  3. Download in the child menu of PDFCreator newly displayed is clicked.
  4. Since a download menu is displayed, top Download PDFCreator is clicked.
  5. Since a download place list is displayed, Download of arbitrary lines is clicked.
  6. It changes to the screen containing the message "Your download should begin...", and download starts after a while.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is double-clicked and executed.
  2. Since a language choice dialog is displayed, English is chosen.
  3. If it chooses, the left-hand side of the buttons which exist two will be clicked.
  4. Since a setup start message is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  5. Since a license agreement screen is displayed, "I accept ..." is chosen and "Next" is clicked.
  6. Since the selection screen of which to install between Standard and Server is displayed, "Standard installation" is chosen and "Next" is clicked.
  7. Since the screen of Printer name is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  8. Since a destination location selection screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  9. Since a PDFCreator Toolbar introduction screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  10. Since the selection screen of installation composition is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  11. Since the group name selection screen of the start menu of Windows is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  12. It chooses by liking whether Create a desktop icon, Create a Quick Launch icon, Associate..., and Create an entry... are added, and "Next" is clicked.
  13. Since a Ready to Install screen is displayed, if "Install" is clicked, installation will start.
  14. After a while, since the completion screen of installation is displayed, "Finish" is clicked and it is completion.


How to use

  1. "PDFCreator" is chosen and printed instead of a printer with Print menu of application.
  2. Since a document information setting screen is displayed, it sets up if needed.
  3. "E-mail" will be clicked if E-mail transmission of the changed PDF file is carried out. "Save" will be clicked if PDF conversion is carried out ordinarily.
  4. Since the preservation dialog of the changed PDF file will be displayed if "Save" is clicked, the place and file name to save are specified, "Save" is clicked, and it is completion.