A0301 PDF

What is A0301 PDF

A PDF conversion software developed by Cycle Computer Systems Labo which privide IT service and consulting, is released with charge-free.
Although a soft name is novel, many of soft names of this company consist of an A+4-figure number + title like this software.
A Windows standard PS driver, GPL-GhostScript, and REDMON are used.

System requirements

OS : Windows NT/2000/XP

How to download

  1. Go to the website of Cycle Computer Systems Labo.
  2. "PDF muryou" of the displayed top page is clicked.
  3. Since page of A0301 PDF is displayed, "Download" button near middle of the screen is clicked and downloaded.
  4. "Manual" which is upwards of "Download" is clicked, and the PDF file of a manual is saved.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is double-clicked and executed.
  2. Since the installation folder appointed screen is displayed, as long as it is satisfactory, "OK" is clicked especially as it is.
    (The installation folder said here is a mere folder for installation work.)
  3. Since an installation start screen is displayed, "OK" is clicked.
  4. Since a destination location selection screen is displayed, as long as it is satisfactory, an icon button is clicked especially as it is.
  5. Since the program group appointed screen is displayed, as long as it is satisfactory, "Continue" is clicked as it is.
  6. Since the completion screen of a setup is displayed, "OK" is clicked.
  7. "A301 Cycle PDF" - "A0301 PDF" is executed from the start menu of Windows.
  8. Since a license registration start screen is displayed, "Yes" is clicked.
  9. Since a software license agreement is displayed, the check "Agree" is put in after checking the contents, and the "Next" is clicked.
  10. Since the license management screen of the price of 0 yen (= no charge) is displayed, "Acquisition of regular ID" is clicked.
  11. Since the mail address which sends license ID is required, it inputs and "OK" is clicked.
  12. Since a purchase (since it is 0 yen no charge) check dialog is displayed, "Yes" is clicked.
  13. Since the message of the purport that e-mail transmission was carried out is displayed, "OK" is clicked.
  14. ID and a password are entered into a having checked and opened ID and password information's on the sent mail license management screen, and "Execute" is clicked.
  15. Since a license registration check message is displayed, "OK" is clicked.
  16. Since the long and slender screen of A0301 PDF is displayed, a "Setup" is clicked.
  17. Henceforth, it sets up, looking at 4/11 page of the downloaded manual or subsequent ones.


How to use

  1. With Print menu of application, the printer installed instead of the printer is chosen and it prints.
  2. A PDF file is created by the set up PDF file preservation folder.