Syunkan PDF ZERO

What is Syunkan PDF ZERO

The PDF conversion software developed by Xelo which is developing the business using PDF, is released with charge-free.
In addition to the same PDF conversion feature of Xelo PDF, the tool in which package PDF conversion of Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, and combination and division, extraction of text and a security setup are possible is attached.
As a function, it is the same as commercial "SYUNKAN PDF."

System requirements

OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Memory : 256MB or more
Available hard-disk space : 50MB or more
Others : Internet connection

How to download

  1. Go to the homepage of Xelo PDF."
  2. Click the button "request serial number" in the advertising of "Syunkan PDF ZERO" at the top of the screen.
  3. Selection screen will appear serial number request form, click on the logo of the Syunkan PDF ZERO.
  4. Syunkan PDF ZERO is the message dialog of the fact that it is only compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista will close the dialog box by clicking, "OK" will appear.
  5. To claim the serial number screen appears in the Internet browser, and then register it by entering your name and age, gender, etc..
  6. E-mail the serial number has been written from Xelo Corp. you will receive.
  7. Unzip to any folder, the file you downloaded.
  8. Run in the "xelo" in the file folder where you unzipped the "setup.exe".
  9. The installation begins and preparation, the installation will start screen click "Next" will be displayed after a while.
  10. Question the necessity of installation of the "Yahoo! Toolbar" and "JWord plug-ins" will appear. Both, it will be installed if you think it useful as it is Susumere will not be installed by removing the check if seem unnecessary. There is no problem either with or without installation.
  11. Select to check the terms and conditions of the license agreement, "I accept the terms of the license agreement", then continue.
  12. Specified in the installation screen, click the "Next" as it is unless a particular problem.
  13. Message the installation is ready to begin the installation, click the "Install" will be displayed.
  14. During the installation, the digital signature is not found, you will see the effect has not passed Windows Logo testing, or to continue Click "Yes".
  15. After a while, you will see the message the installation is complete, then complete click "Finish".
  16. Double-click the desktop icon for Syunkan PDF ZERO.
  17. Input screen will appear serial number is completed, click the "Register", enter the serial number arrives in the mail.


  • The advertisement by a web browser is displayed on every PDF conversion.
  • Connection to the internet is required at the time of PDF conversion.
  • A user registration is required.

How to use

  1. "Syunkan PDF ZERO" is chosen instead of a printer with Print menu of application.
  2. If needed, after selection, Priperty is clicked and a setup at the time of PDF conversion is performed.
  3. The dialog of the PDF file name after conversion is displayed at the same time the advertisement of Xelo will be displayed by the Internet browser, if printing is started.
  4. A PDF file will be generated if specification of a PDF file name is completed.
  5. It is PDF ZERO at the moment of being in a desktop or a start menu. A PDF ZERO output is used at a tool or the moment. Combination / division / page extraction / extraction of text / security setup and release of a PDF file, and package PDF conversion can be performed by using Syunkan PDF ZERO tools or Syunkan PDF ZERO output.


  • Paper size(US Letter/US legal/Tabloid/Screen/A4/A3/B4/B5/custom)
  • Resolution72/150/300/600dpi)
  • Quality of the image on a page (Low/Middle/High)
  • Embedding font setting
  • Specify the destination folder
  • Is PDF opened by PDF reader after creation or not
  • Encryption setting(40/128bit)
  • Restrict printing, changes, copying, commenting
  • Description(title, author, subject, and keywords)