Virtual Image Printer driver

What is Virtual Image Printer driver

PDF conversion software is developed by Mr. Ibadov Tariel, which provides a free download.
We use the Microsoft universal printer driver, the conversion to BMP / JPEG / PNG / TIFF is also possible in addition to PDF.

System requirements

OS : Windows NT/2000/XP

How to download

  1. Go to the page of the Virtual Image Printer driver project of
  2. Click the "Download" menu tab in the group below the title.
  3. Will be displayed the download page, click the "Download" in the frame of the green square.
  4. The group of download files will be displayed. Download it by clicking the "ImagePrinter-xxxzip".

How to install

  1. Unzip to any folder, the file you downloaded.
  2. Run by double-clicking the file and unzip it.
  3. Since the language selection dialog is displayed, click the "OK" as it is.
  4. Since the beginning of setup screen is displayed, click the "Next" as it is.
  5. Screen will appear where you want to install specified, unless a particular problem, and then click the "Install" as it is.
  6. Click the Setup Complete screen, "Finish" will be displayed after a while.
  7. Virtual Image Printer configuration screen is displayed.
  8. Specify the folder and click "System" tab, in the generated PDF file in the field Path for preservation files.
  9. Click on the "File Format" tab In addition, is complete click, "OK" to select in the BMP / PNG / JPG / TIFF / PDF, the PDF.


How to use

  1. If you select "ImagePrinter" instead of the printer in the menu "print" of the application, the folder has been set in advance, PDF file is generated.