gDoc Creator

What is gDoc Creator

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PDF conversion software is developed by Global Graphics Software Limited in the UK, that has been opened to the public are free to download.
You can respond to and PDF/A-1b, also add pages to an existing PDF file.
Has been converted to soft and attachments (XML Paper Specification), also the evaluation version of gDoc Fusion XPS.
You must be a registered user country, name, E-mail address.

System requirements

OS : Windows XP(SP2)/Vista/7
RAM:512MB or more
Available hard-disk space : 250MB or more
Others : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

How to download

  1. Home page appears, click the "DOWNLOAD" in the framework of the "FREE gDoc Creator" in the lower.
  2. Free gDoc Creator page appears, click the "DOWNLOAD" on the right side above the screen.
  3. gDoc download page appears, click to download the "DOWNLOAD" next to the gDoc Creator and gDoc fusion.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is double-clicked and executed.
  2. After pre-treatment was carried out for a while, the InstallShield Wizard welcome screen and then click, "Next" appears.
  3. The license and then click, "Yes" when prompted.
  4. Enter the User Name and Organization, and the selection screen installation mode when you see the company name and user name entered in the name of your choice, installation mode, select the "I want to use the free gDoc Creator", click the "Next".
  5. Specify where you want to install screen appears, unless a particular problem, and then click the "Next" as it is.
  6. Specify the program folder screen appears, unless a particular problem, and then click the "Next" as it is.
  7. gDoc Creator installation option selection screen appears and gDoc Fusion, and then click, "Next" Uncheck if needed.
  8. Installation start screen and then click, "Next" appears.
  9. Click on the Installation Complete screen, "Finish" appears.


How to use

  1. Instead of the printer and select the "gDoc PDF Creator" in the menu "print" of the application.
  2. Sets the PDF during the conversion, if necessary, click the "Properties" after selection.
  3. File will be generated by clicking the "Save", specify the save destination and file name of PDF file, resolution, and security.