What is iTextFront

The PDF conversion / combination / extraction software developed by Mr. Ichiya Ujihara who is J# section winner in the MVP program accepted to have abundant knowledge and experiences to products of Microsoft, and to share the capability with a broad user, is released with charge-free.
Although PDF conversion is limited to conversion of an image file and a text file, combination of the existing PDF file, extraction, encryption, background color change, and a watermark addition can also be performed.
According to the page of iTextFront in the website of Mr. Ujihara, this application aren't mended at all, and it have some known bugs. So wanted to use ConcatPDF.
However, although combination of a PDF file, extraction, the encryption, etc. can do ConcatPDF, it does not have the PDF conversion function.
Since in the soft inside since Experimental iText (version itext-paulo-101) which is a PDF library of Java was used in the software inside, it seems that it was meant as the front end of iText and named iTextFront.

System requirements

OS : Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Microsoft VM
Windows Installer 2.0

How to download

  1. Go to the page of iTextFront in the Vector's website.
  2. "Download" of the center of a screen which is in rightist inclinations a little is clicked.
  3. It downloads according to directions of the website of Vector.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is extracted.
  2. The installation executable file (MSI file) in the extracted inside is double-clicked and executed.
  3. Since the message of "Welcome..." and an installation start is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  4. Since a Select Installation Folder screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  5. Since a Confirm Installation screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  6. Installation starts.
  7. After a while, since an Installation Complete screen is displayed, "Close" is clicked and it ends. The shortcut of iTextFront is made to the desktop.


How to use

  1. iTextFront is started from the start menu of Windows, or the shortcut of a desktop.
  2. File - Add of a menu bar is chosen.
  3. Since a file selection dialog is displayed, a text file and a image file to convert are chosen.
  4. A setup at the time of PDF conversion is performed from the File and Form menu.
  5. File - Save as of a menu bar is chosen.
  6. Since a file preservation dialog is displayed, the preservation location and file name of a PDF file to create are specified, and it is completion.