What is BtoPDF

The PDF conversion software of only JPEG and BMP image files developed by Mr. Hideki Mori alias ForestH who is developing various software for PDF, is released with charge-free.
The software which extracts a graphics file from a PDF file is also enclosed.

System requirements

OS : Windows95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP

How to download

  1. Go to the website of ForestH.
  2. Since the item of BtoPDF is in the direction under the page, the file name on the right-hand side of the line currently written to be BtoPDF is clicked and downloaded.

How to install

  1. Just unzip the downloaded file in the appropriate location.


How to use

  1. BtoPDF in the extracted file is double-clicked and executed.
  2. The screen of BtoPDF is displayed.
  3. Paper size, arrangement of a picture, etc. are set up.
  4. A image file to convert is dragged and dropped.
  5. Since the full pathname of the file for conversion is displayed on the column of a file name, a PDF file will be generated by the same folder as a image file if "Convert" is clicked.