Mam's Image to PDF

What is Mam's Image to PDF

The PDF conversion software of only JPEG and BMP image files developed by Mr. Mamo who is developing Construction and the material for construction and housing CG Perth, is released with charge-free.

System requirements

OS : Windows98/Me/NT/2000/XP

How to download

  1. Download it from the page of "Mam's Image to PDF" in the Vector.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is extracted to a suitable folder.
  2. The executable file in the extracted file is double-clicked and executed.
  3. Since an installation start screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  4. Since a document is displayed, the contents are checked and "Next" is clicked.
  5. Since an installation location selection screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  6. Since the registration screen to a start menu is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  7. Since the shortcut creation existence screen to a desktop is displayed, if shortcut is required, a check will be put in and "Next" will be clicked.
  8. Since an installation confirmation screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked.
  9. Since an installation folder creation check message is displayed, "Yes" is clicked.
  10. After a while, since the completion screen of installation is displayed, "Complete" is clicked and it is completion.


How to use

  1. "Mam's Image to PDF" is chosen and executed from the start menu of Windows.
  2. The screen of Mam's Image to PDF is displayed.
  3. File - Open of a menu bar is chosen.
  4. Since a file selection dialog is displayed, a image file is chosen.
  5. Since the image chosen into the screen of Mam's Image to PDF is displayed, the button on a photograph "Convert into PDF" is clicked.
  6. Since a PDF creation setting screen is displayed, it sets up if needed.
  7. "OK" of the lower part of a PDF creation setting screen is clicked.
  8. Since a file preservation dialog is displayed, the preservation location and file name of a PDF file to create are specified, and it is completion.