What is pdfpdfpdf.com

The PDF combination software developed by Mr. papy who is developing softwares of PDF and retouch softwares, is released with charge-free.
It seems that updating is stopped in April, 03 and afterwards unless a serious bug is found.

System requirements

OS : Windows98/2000/ME/XP
RAM : 64MB (128MB or more)
CPU : Compatible processor Pentium (or higher recommended compatible processor Pentium II)

How to download

  1. Go to the homepage of Mr. papy.
  2. With the product menu on the left-hand side of a screen, pdfpdfpdf.com in the PDF processing and edit group is clicked.
  3. Since easy soft explanation is displayed on screen right-hand side, "Download is here" of pdfpdfpdf.com is clicked and downloaded.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is only extracted to arbitrary folders.


How to use

  1. Executable file in the extracted file "pdfc" is double-clicked and started.
  2. The screen of pdfpdfpdf.com is displayed.
  3. A PDF files are dragged and dropped to the screen of pdfpdfpdf.com.
  4. A PDF file list is chosen and an order and joint contents to combine are adjusted by operating an upper arrow, a lower arrow, and a X mark icon.
  5. The existence of a bookmark is chosen with a Preferences menu if needed.
  6. File - Save as is performed, the preservation location and a file name of a united PDF file is specified and saved, and it is completion.