Brava! Reader

What is Brava! Reader

The PDF, TIFF and CSF(ContentSealed Format) file browser developed by Informative Graphics Corp. which is developer of commercial software products for content visualization, publishing and collaboration, is releaed with charge-free.
It has variegated functions, such as high-speed starting, an expansion function, and file movement by key operation.

System requirements

OS : Windows XP/Vista

How to download

  1. Go to the website of brava!
  2. Since a top page is displayed, FREE VIEWERS in the bottom menu is clicked.
  3. Since FREE VIEWERS page is displayed, "Download" under "brava! reader" is clicked.
  4. Since the page of Brava! Reader Download is displayed, Download Brava! Reader under the notation of a version number is clicked and downloaded.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is double-clicked and executed.
  2. Since an InstallSheld Wizard start message is displayed, the "Next" is clicked.
  3. Since the license agreement is displayed, after checking the contents, "I accept..." is choosed, and the "Next" is clicked.
  4. Since an installation location selection screen is displayed, "Next" is clicked as it is.
  5. Since installation starts and a completion message is displayed after a while, "Finish" is clicked and it completes.


How to use

  1. From the start menu of Windows to "Brava! Reader" is started.
  2. Options - Set as Default Viewer of the menu bar of Brava! Reader is performed.
  3. Associate File Types preferences is displayed.
  4. There are two tabs of the kind of file opened by Reader, one is for file opening, another is for Internet Explorer.
    The clause of PDF in the clause of Imaging Format of each tab is checked, and "OK" is clicked, then Brava! Reader is once ended.
  5. Henceforth, when a PDF file is opened or a PDF file is clicked by Internet Explorer, it is not Acrobat Reader but Brava! Reader is used for browsing.