SkyPDF Viewer

What is SkyPDF Viewer

  • PDF viewing software is that SKYCOM Corporation. Located in the district of Tokyo Daito become a leading company in the field of network and electronic documents are available for download free of charge.
    We have not just browsing, etc. With the ability to store text input function and setting the password to an existing PDF file, the PDF file with the entry form.
    Unfortunately, you can not view other than PDF files created in SkyPDF series, as standard PDF viewing software is not available.

    System requirements

    CPU : Pentium4 1GHz or more
    RAM : 512MB or more
    HDD : 70MB or more
    OS : Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7
    Others : .NET Framework 2.0

    How to download

    1. Go to the home page of SKYCOM Corporation.
    2. Click SkyPDF Viewer in a group of PDF viewing software in the menu on the left side on the screen.
    3. Introduction SkyPDF Viewer screen is displayed, at the end of the page "free download here" Click on the lettering or near the center of the screen.
    4. Download screen SkyPDF Viewer is click the button "Download" that appears.
    5. Input screen name and E-mail address is displayed, "to download" page and click the Enter button.
    6. Download page appears, click on the logo to download the SkyPDF Viewer.

    How to install

    1. Unzip the downloaded file.
    2. Run by double-clicking on the setup of the group of the extracted files.
    3. Installation start screen appears, ready for installation begins, after a while, and then click "Next".
    4. License Agreement screen appears, select on the check, "I accept the terms of the license agreement" the contents, and then click "Next".
    5. Enter the user name, company name (if you want to use for personal input, a user name, etc.), and then click "Next".
    6. Select Display PDF files on the Internet, "Using the SkyPDF Viewer" for each View PDF file, and in InternetExplorer, click "Next".
    7. As long as the Select Destination screen is displayed, no particular problem, and then click "Next" as it is.
    8. Start Copying Files screen appears, click "Next" as it is.
    9. Completion message is displayed The installation begins, and after a while, and then quit if you click "Finish".


    • Other than PDF files created with SkyPDF series, can not browse

    How to use

    1. Open a PDF file, or click the PDF file in Internet Explorer.
    2. If the PDF file is created in the target SkyPDF series can be viewed in SkyPDF Viewer.
    3. If the PDF file that was created outside of it, you can view the app alternative that you set when you first start when you click the message indicating that you start the app an alternative because it is not a PDF file that was created in SkyPDF series "Yes" is displayed .