PDF-XChange Viewer

What is PDF-XChange Viewer

The PDF browser developed by Tracker Software Products in English which is developing the business using PDF, is releaed with charge-free.
It has not only an browsing function but the function to add a character and a figure to the existing PDF file.

System requirements

OS: Windows 2000 or later

How to download

  1. Go to the website of Tracker Software Products.
  2. "Download" in the menu group under the title of the screen upper part is clicked.
  3. Since the explanation page of download is displayed, "PRODUCTS FOR END USERS" in the lower for a while is clicked.
  4. Since the download screen of various products is displayed, the Download icon of the clause of very first PDF-XChange Viewer is clicked on it and downloaded.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is extracted to arbitrary folders.
  2. The extracted file is double-clicked and executed.
  3. On the screen of the language used for a setup, English is chosen and OK is clicked.
  4. Since a setup start screen is displayed, Next is clicked.
  5. Since a license agreement screen is displayed, a contents is read and "I accept..." is checked, and the "Next" is clicked.
  6. Since the installation location appointed screen is displayed, Next is clicked as it is.
  7. Since the selection screen of a additional tasks is displayed, Next is clicked as it is.
  8. Since the ready to install screen is displayed, Install is clicked.
  9. After a while, since the completion screen of a setup is displayed, "completion" is clicked and it is an end.


How to use

  1. PDF-XChange Viewer is started from a start menu.
  2. File - Open of the menu of PDF-XChange Viewer is chosen, and a PDF file to read is chosen and read.
  3. Another PDF file is also read by File - Open after the case where he wants to read two or more PDF files.
  4. The tab of the screen upper part is clicked and the PDF file to display is chosen.
  5. The icon of a thing to add in the 2nd step of tool bar is clicked, and a place to add is clicked to add a picture and memorandum writing to a PDF document.