PDF SpeedUp

What is PDF SpeedUp

It is a high-speed software Adobe Reader which is available free of charge from the AcroPDF Systems Inc. Conducting business related software PDF.
By setting so as not to take place of Adobe Reader, check the latest version, splash screen, and a plug-in loading, has speeded up.

System requirements

OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

How to download

  1. Go to the home page of the company AcroPDF Systems.
  2. Home page appears, click the left side of the screen in the menu, the Products.
  3. Click to download "Download Now" link section of the red letter, "PDF SpeedUp" is just a software introduction screen is displayed, the page a little advanced.

How to install

  1. The downloaded file is double-clicked and executed.
  2. The Setup Wizard screen and click, "Next" that appears.
  3. As long as the installation destination designation screen is displayed, no particular problem, and then click "Next" as it is.
  4. As long as the Start menu folder specified screen is displayed, no particular problem, and then click "Next" as it is.
  5. Ready to Install screen to click, "Install" that appears.
  6. Setup Wizard Complete screen click, "Finish" that appears.
  7. Choose a version if the dialog that appears, click, "OK" and then enter the version of Adobe Reader. For example, if the current latest version of Adobe Reader, enter "10.0".
  8. The screen display is garbled PDF SpeedUp, click the icon in the United States or the United Kingdom Flag of the mark at the top left of the screen.
  9. Check the configuration has entered has been disabled, click, "Optimize" button uncheck if needed.
  10. After a while, Information dialog appears, complete to confirm that you want to start the Adobe Reader by clicking "Yes".


How to use

  1. After installation, launch Adobe Reader faster.
  2. If you click on the, "Restore" from the Start menu to launch the PDF SpeedUp for Windows, when you want to go back to the original, you will return to the original environment.