File Diver

What is File Diver

Mr. Takashi Ogisawa which provides software and technology used as a tool for intelligent PC, which provides a free download is the full-text search software.
Done has been saved to your computer, the full-text search PDF files, text files, documents Office, compression of files in the archive.
Is free for personal use, business use license must be purchased.
That has been opened to the public from 1994, is a historic software. Was put on hold when one has been updated until after 1999, and then restart update as the second phase in 2010.

System requirements

OS : Windows XP/Vista/7
Others : .NET Framework3.5

How to download

  1. From the page of File Diver of Vector, to download the body.
  2. Go to the homepage of EB series.
  3. Click the Download section xdoc2txt in the top of the page.
  4. xdoc2txt page that appears, click the "Download" in the menu at the top of the screen.
  5. Group, including the old version downloaded file appears, click the new version at the top, you can download a text extraction tool.

How to install

  1. Unzip to any folder, the file you downloaded File Diver body.
  2. And then run the Double-click on the "setup.exe" located in the unzipped files group.
  3. When the Welcome screen appears on the Setup Wizard, click the "Next".
  4. Installation folder selection screen appears, unless a particular problem, and then click the "Next" as it is.
  5. When the installation confirmation screen appears, click the "Next" button.
  6. Click on the Installation Complete screen appears, the "Close".
  7. Unzip the folder of your choice, a text extraction tool that you downloaded.
  8. Copy to: "C://WINDOWS/system32" in the Windows system folder "OCX" folder of the files you unzipped the "zlib.dll" and "xdoc2txt.ocx".
  9. Select the "Run" from the Start menu of Windows.
  10. Run the screen to a file name appears, is complete click, "OK" and enter "regsvr32 / s xdoc2txt.ocx".
  11. If you want to also search in the compressed archive, you also install a separate archiver DLL.


How to use

  1. Start the File Diver from the Start menu of Windows.
  2. Registration dialog when prompted for a password, the password and click "OK" in blank. (If for personal use, there is no problem even after the trial period.)
  3. File Diver screen appears, "action" in the menu bar - Select the "diving".
  4. You can search by clicking the, "Dive!" Enter the folder to search column, "area" Use keywords to find the field "keyword".