What is ExpressPDF

## Currently out of service ##
It is an online service to convert PDF from Word and Excel and Web pages served by lance-requete sarl Corp. Is a Web solution provider in France.
Free, but donations are accepted online with PayPal.

System requirements

Internet browser
Receive an e-mail

How to download

  1. For online services, which do not have to download.

How to install

  1. For online services, which do not have to install.


How to use

  1. Go to the home page of ExpressPDF (
  2. Top page is displayed, from the menu on the top of the screen, if the Web page to be translated "convert web page to pdf", if the Word "convert word to pdf", if Excel click "convert excel to pdf".
  3. Enter your E-mail address to receive the download destination URL to be converted, the pdf file, select the resolution / aspect size / If you want to convert a Web page, click the "convert to pdf!" Button.
  4. Word and enter your E-mail address for selecting the file to convert by clicking the "Browse" button to receive download links pdf file, select the resolution, if you want to convert Excel is, "convert to pdf ! "button.
  5. After a while to click, the E-mail address you entered, you will receive e-mail.
  6. Open the email, click the link "click here to pickup your document!".
  7. In Web Internet browser, page conversion result is displayed, click on the "Download your pdf document here", to download the pdf file.