What is Convert.Files

Have been published in order to be able to convert a wide range of formats online free and easy, online conversion service.
I do not support the conversion of Japanese unfortunately,
Of course, PDF / Word / Excel / PowerPoint, and audio / video / image data / drawing file compression / conversion of many format is very possible.

System requirements

Internet browser

How to download

  1. For online services, which do not have to download.

How to install

  1. For online services, which do not have to install.


How to use

  1. Go to the page of Convert.Files.
  2. Home page appears, click the "Browse" button in the column Choose a local file, specify the source file.
  3. In the field Output format, select the conversion format.
  4. Click the "Convert" button.
  5. Message is displayed during the conversion, and after a while: the message is shown as "Please download your converted file http://xxxxx .....", then click the link to download the conversion result.