PDF Scissors

What is PDF Scissors

It is a software to cut the margin of PDF files that you develop Mr. Abdullah Al Mazeds, offers a free download.
In order to run using Java Web Start, the online environment is required so, you should consider the online service is substantially I am safe.
That for the PDF file of multiple pages, all pages can be trimmed at once.

System requirements

Java runtime

How to download

  1. Technology enables Java Web Start, you do not have to manually download.

How to install

  1. Technology enables Java Web Start, you do not have to manually install.


How to use

  1. Go to the home page of the PDF Scissors.
  2. Click the "Start" button in the section where the top page is displayed, the page was a little forward of the "How to run PDF Scirrors".
  3. When you select a file in the download dialog "Open", the digital signature warning is displayed, click on the "Run" button.
  4. PDF Scirrors screen is displayed, "File" in the menu bar - Select "Open".
  5. A file selection dialog appears, select the PDF file you want to crop.
  6. After a while, after checking, drag the crop area in mice that the screen was overlaid transparent all the pages of the PDF file you selected is displayed, icon or square of the third is selected from the left of the icon bar to. If trimming is not displayed on the screen all, select a range that now, has been shown.
  7. Drag one point of the four corners of the frame to be displayed on the screen dotted portion necessary, are not displayed in the scroll bar, was selected above, to adjust the trimming range.
  8. Trimming range adjustment has been completed, "File" in the menu bar - Select the "Crop & Save".
  9. Specifies the save file dialog box appears, specify a file name and save the PDF data that has been processed.